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PPL(A) – Private Pilot Licence (Aeroplane)

  • Location:

    OSL AZL Aviation Training Centre

  • Date:

    Whole year



PPL(A) - Private Pilot Licence (Airplane)

General information

On the PPL(A) course you will start your training from the very basics of flying an airplane and end up with long independent flights which will be an excellent introduction to flying large jet airplanes in the future if you are willing to pursue a carrer in aviation. 

PPL(A) licence holder may perform as the aircraft commander in up to a take-off weight of 5,700 kg that are not in use for commercial flights, limited to daytime flights, unless the pilot has the the VFR night and IFR permissions, which can also be obtained at OSL AZL Aviation Training Center.


PPL(A) Theory

We use our e-learning platform, additionally, we meet during lectures and consultations with our instructors.

After the theoretical training, you will have a state exam at the Aviation Examination Board. And do not worry – we will certainly prepare you perfectly for this.

During the PPL(A) license course we will cover topics related to the following subjects:

– Aviation law and flights planning procedures
– Human factors – capabilities and limitations
– Meteorology
– Connectivity for flight operations
– Flight rules
– Operational procedures
– Flight execution and planning
– Aircraft general knowledge
– Navigation


PPL(A) Practice

The training is carried out on Tecnam p2008, Cessna 150/152, Cessna 172, JCZL 150 Koliber airplanes.

The practical part includes take-off and landing lessons, segmented circles and airport traffic patterns (with the instructor and solo), flights without ground visibility, en-route flights, flights to large communication airports and emergency procedures.

The training ends with a state examination conducted by the Examiner of the Aviation Examination Board

PPL(A) Requirements


At least 16 years of age on the day of entering the training (when applying for the PPL(A) license you must be at least 17 years old)

Aero-medical certificates:

A Class 1 or 2 (necessary before the first solo flight)

A Class 1 medical certificate is valid for one year unless otherwise advised. A Class 2 certificate is generally granted at the same time as a Class 1 certificate but generally valid for longer.