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We are happy to provide our keeping about flight operation procedures
and safety management in OSL AZL Aviation Training Center

Safety without compromise

We focus relentlessly on every detail when it comes to the safety of our students. We indicate full expertise regarding safety for their complete comfort during the training. Never have we ever or will look for any "shortcuts" and do always take care of every aspect of safety management with the utmost care.

Pilot as a profession?

WE'VE GOT YOU. We offer the introductory flights, we run meetings where we favor "dumb" questions that probe "the obvious"
and simultaneously challenge and direct our thinking.

Also, we are here to talk. Let's stay in touch.

We stand for what matters to you.

We stand for what matters to you.

With over 60 years of experience, we want to stand out with what is truly important for our students. The bottom line for us is that after leaving our nest OSL AZL graduates continue their careers and passion while still maintaining our values.

Are you sure you're not ready for solo?

Are you sure you're not ready for solo?

Some places practice ``holding`` students from their first solo flight as it is in schools' financial interest they fly with the instructor as long as possible.
At OSL AZL we DO NOT practice unfair activities towards our students and we do everything in our power to make sure the future pilots are ready for independent flights as soon as possible.

We play with open cards.

We play with open cards.

We undertake puzzling issues openly about subjects that in some places are rather swept under the carpet. We talk so the future OSL AZL students can be aware of what values are important to us and to convey to them our open and ethical style of work.

The location of OSL AZL Aviation Training Center is one of our greatest assets

Our location is very unique

We conduct the flight training simultaneously in two aeras - a quiet and comfortable operating field of the Lubuskie Aero Club (AZL), which is not an communication airport therefore no regular air traffic take place in here - and at the same time at Zielona Góra Airport in Babimost which is only 10 minutes apart.

OSL AZL Aviation Training Center

What are the benefits of operating simultaneously
in two areas?

Focus on what really matters regarding to your safety and comfort

Take your time and do your research
to make the right decision

Learning facilities in a flight centre, a guarantee of safety, i.e. comprehensive service of carefully operated, reliable and always available aircraft at affordable prices and - most importantly - experienced, friendly instructors who recognize and respond to students’ individual needs.

We are proud to offer you all of the above at the highest standard.