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We pride ourselves on how we care for our aircraft fleet with the greatest effort giving the most attention to perform the highest safety standard.

Reduction of costs and maximization of profit at the expense of safety?

Are you aware that the performance of some aviation schools around the world may raise justified doubts regarding the safety of their training? Well, we are. The “reason” is most often an unjustified drive to reduce costs and maximize profit, which in turn reduces the level of safety and unwisely increases the risk of exposing students to dangerous circumstances. OSL AZL Aviation Training Center takes safety matter exeptionally serious and as an absolute priority to always guarantee a perfectly maintained fleet. We are at your disposal in case of any questions regarding the procedures we use.

We regularly invest in airplanes and their maintenance and upkeep, not looking for any “shortcuts” and taking care of all details with the utmost care. Mandatory inspections for which we are officially accounted for as a certified aviation school are only a small part of our regular activities when it comes to safety.

For the highest safety, we also carry out our own internal tests and inspections, and our entire team – from the permanent (!) team of the technical department and mechanics to the managers responsible for safety matters and compliance monitoring – are people with many years of experience and the greatest sense of duty and responsibility.

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