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Pay for everything in advance? Not with us.

At OSL AZL, we approach all financial matters individually.
We do not expect students to pay for all training and all flying hours in advance. And here is why.

We treat each student individually, understanding that everyone has a different personal situation, life priorities and the amount of time available. Therefore, in the process of communicating with future pilots, we rely without exception to individual conversations and installments, and not one-off payments, knowing full well that:

1. Obtaining a license is a process – sometimes it is all you have to do for the time being (a full time course commitment) but often it is learning combined with other duties – for example a separate professional career, college, family or simultaneous raise of funds for the course and mandatory flight hours.

2. Even if the student has all the funds to make a license in one go, the profession of a pilot is a very responsible and full of challenges study and work and that is something many people realise during the training. It also happens that students recognise during the training that pilot profession is not their calling. At OSL AZL Aviation Training Center, we want the participation in the next stages of the training to be your conscious choice from the beginning to the very end, and not a compulsion resulting from a previously made decision or payment for the entire pilot course. Therefore, we always advise and inform students about the potential costs of the entire process, but we never expect full financial readiness from them in advance. At the end of the day – a career as a pilot is one of the most individual and diverse professional careers in the world!

3. Despite the efforts and support of our instructors, flying only the mandatory number of hours does not always guarantee the optimal level of training of the future pilot. This can be influenced by both the time and intensity of the training, as well as the personal circumstances of the student. Although the vast majority of our students are only satisfied with the required number of hours, our individual approach to each future pilot makes it impossible to clearly define the necessary number of hours in advance therefore it makes no sense to us to claim finances for the entire training before it begins.

Consciously and according to your own plan with our

individual approach and full support in achieving your goals.

To sum this up, yes, we are aware that requiring payment for the entire training in advance is a practice present on aviation training industry however, OSL AZL priority is the safety and comfort of our students and the effective use of their paid training time. Therefore, with us, payments are spread over individual progress stages of training to ensure the comfort of our students and to support their conscious and according to their individual plan, step by step achievements of the set goals.

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