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AMT PROJECT - an Incredible opportunity OSL AZL is giving to the youth

College degree training for future Aviation Maintenance Technicians
with the University of Zielona Gora partnership.

This is one of the most exciting challenge OSL AZL Aviation Training Center and little did we know that it will also happen to expand and become one of the biggest projects of all time. Not only that we now provide the whole area of theoretical knowledge for AMT world with the partnership of UZ (University of Zielona Góra) and actual college degree at the end, but we also designated incredibly extensive part of OSL AZL center for the brand new buildings and hangars so then both – practical and theoretical training of future aviation mechanics can take place, as well as maintenance and repair of our own aircrafts.

There will also be brand new lecture class rooms, social rooms, and so much more. And young people will graduate with college degree and become a proffesional AMTs as well as with the pilot licence and most certainly the experience of their life.

          Aviation maintenance technicians are trained to service, repair and overhaul aircraft components and systems, including the airframe, piston engines, turbine engines, propellers, instrumentation,electrical systems, hydraulic systems, warning and environmental systems. They work in hangars and at the airport apron. They are employed in companies providing services to airlines. In the hangar during the so-called base service personnel carry out periodic inspections of the technical condition of the aircraft. They also carry out repairs and maintenance works. During line maintenance, an aircraft mechanic works on the apron, checking the technical condition before the flight. Within the scope of his basic duties, he also has to keep the documentation of the performed tests, maintenance and current faults.

On the 16th of January 2020, a very special partnership was signed in the OSL AZL Aviation training Center with the University of Zielona Góra, the effect of which there will be the commencement of aviation maintenance technicians college course at the Institute of Mechanical Engineering of UZ  (students will study aviation mechanic and in the meantime will have the opportunity to become a pilot too).

AZL Aviation Training Center will guide students in the whole practical part that is necessary to become an engineer with the specialization of aviation mechanics and acquire this extraordinary profession.

Now, this is just the begining of the story and since the agreement so many even more exciting things have happened and that is how the entire AMT Project had started. OSL AZL Aviation Training Center has started the construction of the brand new Aircraft Mechanics Training Center! One of its elements will be the Aircraft Service Station, located in the new hangar to be built. There will also be brand new lecture class rooms, social rooms, and so much more.n As a result, both practical training of future aviation mechanics, as well as maintenance and repair of aircraft, will be held there and all that in one place! The construction of the hangar will cost almost PLN 4 million and it should be ready by June 2020.

AVIATION MECHANICS is one of the most popular competitions in the world, the potential of which can only be increased even more by the pace at which air traffic is growing in Europe and around the world.

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