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We don't waste your time or money.

There are a lot of flight schools where the internal arrangement leaves a lot to be desired and students often travel from afar to the airport only to find out that flying will not take place today or will be delayed by several hours due to earlier time shifts.

At OSL AZL Aviation Training Center we are constantly improving all procedures for the flight arrangements and a time management. 

Naturally, every airport may experience exceptional situations that affect even the best-planned day. Nevertheless, at OSL AZL we place great emphasis on the exemplary flight arrangments and we are constantly improving all procedures so that your pilot course runs smoothly and effectively.

Oh, and most certainly we will never offer you “additional” theoretical training at a “lower price” as a “compensation” for canceled flights (yes, we speak out about it as the students who came to us from some other places complain about such actions!) And we respect your time and finances.

Thanks to this, you can be sure that we will always do our best to make your planned schedule the reality in practice and you will not be exposed to additional costs or wasted time.

We can also provide efficient and trouble-free training arrangment thanks to our own, permanently employed team of AMTs (aviation mechanics) who prepare the aircraft on time and according to the student’s flight schedule. Of course, in the event of exceptional situations, where we will have to make changes, we will always inform you as far in advance as possible first.

The location of OSL AZL Aviation Training Center plays a key role in the effectiveness of our training courses

         We conduct the flight training simultaneously in two aeras – a quiet and comfortable operating field of the Lubuskie Aero Club (AZL), which is not an communication airport therefore no regular air traffic take place in here – and at the same time at Zielona Góra Airport in Babimost which is only 10 minutes apart.


Even ten take-off and landing cycles per hour


Due to the lack of regular air traffic on the premises of AZL Airport, we can conduct very effective training there, for example, including up to ten take-off and landing cycles per hour. This is simply impossible at communication airports and where the real capacity for training flights is even several times smaller because of the air traffic taking place there.


Much more effective training


Thanks to such a high density of flights and the reduction of unforeseen events, our training is much more effective than in other aviation schools which allows students to save their time and money.

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