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PPL(H) – Private Pilot License (Helicopter)

  • Location:

    OSL AZL Aviation Training Centre

  • Date:

    Whole year



PPL(H) - Private Pilot License (Helicopter)

General information

PPL(H) (Private Pilot License – Helicopter) is the first step in your aviation career as a helicopter pilot.

You will start the training with the basic helicopter maneuver – single, main rotor rotating in a counterclockwise direction (looking downward on the rotor) – and end with long solo flights.

As a PPL(H) holder, you will be able to perform the duties as a helicopter commander (not in for payment purposes, private only), restricted to daytime flights unless you are expand your qualifications to VFR night flight rating.

PPL(H) Theory

We use our e-learning platform, additionally, we meet during lectures and consultations with our instructors.

After the theoretical training, you will have a state exam at the Aviation Examination Board. And do not worry – we will certainly prepare you perfectly for this.

During the PPL(H) license course we will cover topics related to the following subjects:

– Aviation law and flights planning procedures

– Man – abilities and limitations

– Meteorology

– Connectivity for flight operations

– Flight rules

– Operational procedures

– Flight execution and planning

– Helicopter general knowledge

– Navigation


PPL(H) Practice

PPL(H) course happens on Robinson R-44 – the most popular single-engined piston helicopter in the world.

The practical part includes learning to maneuver (like looking downward on the rotor), those close to the ground, take-offs and landings, instructor-led and solo flying, flights without ground visibility, en-route flights, flights to large communication airports and emergency procedures.

The training ends with a state examination conducted by the Examiner of the Aviation Examination Board.

After completing the training, the entry in the license authorizing to fly the R-44-TR R44 helicopter is obtained.

PPL(H) Requirements


At least 17 years of age on the day of entering the training

Aero-medical certificates:

A Class 1 or 2 (necessary before the first solo flight)

A Class 1 medical certificate is valid for one year unless otherwise advised. A Class 2 certificate is generally granted at the same time as a Class 1 certificate but generally valid for longer.